Thursday, 20 February 2020


Today we have health. Here are some questions we had to answer.😁

What is 'Whare Tapa Wha'?
Whare Tapa Wha is all about your well being walls. This whare is made inside your mind which has walls. If one of the walls is damaged or falls down you are unhealthy.

How did you participate during this lesson?
I participated well because I was listening to what the teacher was saying to the class. Next time I will give help to others if they don't understand what the teacher is saying.

What is the current state of your well being?
I think my well being is doing great in some areas but others need a little work. I can work on these areas by focusing on my heath and getting good nights sleep.

(Here is a photo of my well being)

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Inside And Out

Notes for the movie - Wonder
1st narrator- Auggie
2nd narrator - Via
3rd narrator-  Jack
4th narrator - Miranda
last narrator - Auggie

Intro - Close up, spaceman jumps into the shot, slow motion shot to give the feeling we are in space.
- Intro symbol of the astronaut helmet, covers his face, represents the barrier August puts between himself and the world
- The music makes the intro starts soft and dreamy and gets louder and more exciting, faint sounds of astronauts talking to people back at earth. The tempo & dynamics to build energy in the scene.
- Next is a tracking shot as we move away from the figure it is now a boy in a helmet jumping on the bed.
- Close up shows us Auggies ' Reality' or view of the world but as we pull back we see the real world.
Quote - Dad / Nate
" It's like leading a lamb to the slaughter"
2 mins - Building suspense as we still haven't seen the boys face. We don't know whats wrong but hint's it's bad - hospital scene, helmet, tags, school convo, Auggies dialogue in the voice over.

Star wars -  A symbol of Auggie wanting people to treat him normally- a safe place. In the star wars universe there are lots of weird looking people so no one stares at them.
Seen- Auggie introduces self, padawan braid, Darth Sideious, Barf Hideous, On Halloween Julian dresses up as Darth Sideious,

Quote - Read by Summer
"When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind."

Body Language - Change, now he has his head held high, walking with a confident stride, interacting with others.

Music - Happy, upbeat, monster mash, fast tempo, lots of energy.
- When he hears Jack saying 'If I looked like him i'd kill myself- Music tempo gets slow, quiet dynamics to make us focus, use of sound of kids laughing.
- I think this scene is important because it shows Auggie being happy but then his feelings get hurt by Jack and that is a really important part into the movie.

Symbols- Halloween Mask😱 , physical barrier between other & Auggie.

Significant - We see Auggie lose faith in the idea of friendship - If Jack can be that mean behind his back how can he trust others.

Links to the theme - Popularity & Acceptance we see this through Jack as he says what he knows Julian wants to hear so he doesn't become the target / get picked on.

Jacks Fight Scene: 1.06 - 1.08
-Starts at eye level - Mid / medium shot, makes us feel a part of the convo.
- Sound are diagetic
- Low angle shot as boys hit ground, it makes the fight seem more dangerous. Moves to a close up of the struggle.
- Dutch tilt & low angle makes Jack look more aggressive & violent.
- Music - Minor, quiet dynamic- creates focus & intense, slow tempo.
- Shot in slow motion so we see the event more clearly.

Significant - Shows the theme of popularity / acceptance. Jack has learned from his mistake & is standing up for his friend.

The nature reserve fight scene: 1.29 - 1.32
During fight shots used to make Auggie and friends look bigger- More powerful and the bullies weak and vulnerable.
Music has a tempo to build intensity.

Significant - Auggie has grown as a character, he is now willing to stand up for himself. Friendship - Auggie finally feels accepted when the boys and he doesn't  have to hide behind a mask anymore.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Seeing Some Satellites

Last night my family and I went outside to see some satellites. They were there because of Elon Musk. He launched them because it will give more internet to the older satellites so it can keep in touch with the system on earth. At the same time the space station and the eagle helicopter were in the sky too. There is also a couple of sites you can look at if you want to know more. Just search Elon Musk Satellites and a bunch of SAFE sites will pop up. There was about 30 of them in the sky at about 9:45pm. Here is a photo. :)
Taken from TVNZ site.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Inside & Out

Extreme Close Up                                                Eye level Shot
 Medium Shot                                    Extreme Medium Shot

Long Shot

For my other task I had to pick out of three different tasks. I chose to take photos using different angles. Here is my work.

Challenge: I want you to try and guess which angles and techniques I used in these photos
Reflection: I think I did a good job with taking photos on my Chromebook.

Inside and Out

This week for inside and out we are working on a movie study. The movie we are going to watch is Wonder. But first we had to choose out of four tasks. I chose to make a crossword using some words they use to prepare for a movie shoot. Here is my crossword.

Reflection: I think making a crossword was really fun and I think I did a good job.

Bio Poem

( Mine is slide 11 )

For the past few days we have been working on our own Bio Poem. A Bio Poem is all about you and your family. Here is my Bio Poem and the rest of my classes as well.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020


Today for sport we were practising shot put. Here are 5 things that we had to learn.

1. Hold your shot put in your palm but support it with your three fingers
2. Knees bent
3. Hold it to your neck
4. Stick your elbow out
5. Point with your other arm
6. Don't move your wrist

Discus Techniques:

1. Roll off your small finger
2. Wrap 4 fingers around it
3. Stand side on to the line
4. 1 wind up ( Not 3 )

High Jump:
Today we learnt how to do the Fosbury Flop. The Fosbury Flop is as different way to get over the pole in high jump. For the Fosbury Flop you have to run up to the mat, turn around and jump backwards and land with your feet and arms in the air.

Long Jump:
1. Run up is 21 steps
2.Take off will be from the second marker.
3. Land will be measured from the back of the foot.
4.Land with both feet together.
5. If you are over the second marker when you jump it is a fowl jump.